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See A Quaker Stimulus Package - Your Money.


NYYM Teen in Residence Program
(New York City Office) – New York Yearly Meeting has been criticized, some say harshly, for being too detached from its constituent Monthly Meetings.

Reported early in 2008, NYYM now has implemented a Stimulus Package to show it supports Monthly Meetings. The new initiative involves sending in angry, irresponsible, rebellious teens, who don’t know what they want out of life - to stimulate angry, irresponsible, radical old hippies who still don’t know what they want out of life.


NYYM Meeting for Discernment – March 15, 2008 – (New York City Office) – NYYM also supports Monthly Meetings because it panders to Farmington-Scipio region and to give the 'feeling' it offers something ‘higher’ to Monthly Meetings. We’ll plant a tree for each member sent via Jet Blue or Bus Grey to Rochester, NY. We’ll ring a bell before we enter into the extra waste of your Monthly Meeting resources at that faraway destination for 95% of the constitutency. We hope you’ll all listen for it.


NYYM Racism
(direct from the New York City Office) – Modern Quaker Friends, have mostly been dedicated to non-personal, large, faraway causes, financed by other people’s money. (Some Friends might remember the days when Friends were known for personal works of integrity.)

Now rank and file Friends must ignore blatant no show jobs, governmental malfeasance, incompetence, and endure top-down railroading by the paid ministers or ‘leaders’ in their own Society.

The Quaker ministers, paid or somehow benefited by other people’s money, will propose making some angry, incompetent activists more-equal in Friends Society for life. The ministers would like to award them more of other people’s money as 'reparations' to: 1) go away, 2) remain incompetent, 3) stop being angry, 4) gain more weight, or 5) all of the above. Follow the money in who is going to pay for this raft of dishonesty floating your way.

This initiative comes from the New York Yearly Meeting Central Office. Don’t object, or there’s no Silver Bay vacation for you and your family.


See a Stimulus Package by the numbers that would remake the Society in a true manner.

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