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The ART OF FEEDING (The Beast)

After a hard day of wringing our hands over how to fund what Friends will always approve but will never pay for, the frustrated Financial Services Committee will discuss how to relieve their stress in The Art of Cooking: The Books.

Because without cooking the books, we can’t practice The Art of Feeding the Beast.

We’ll discuss how to divert discussion at all levels local and statewide, and hijack the moral high ground by calling never-ending, increasing spending on a larger and larger central Quaker government - the only true compassionate option. Because excessive spending equals excessive compassion – no?

What is important, Friends, is that we can affect connoisseurship of The ARTS and every other thing in our ambient surroundings, except what is actually at the heart of us.

We know that big budgets, fibs and deception, programs that don’t work, and waste and theft, create a more interesting world. It creates a world celebrating a few rock star paid ministers, instead of a Friends Society where no one is looking to be celebrated. The left wing lifestyle keeps us on our toes, always guessing at which committee we should be on to bring the most resources and recognition to ourselves. What is, and what isn’t true doesn’t really matter anymore. Truth is kind of like producing something useful and meaningful - lies and deception inversely produce nothing useful. No?

Lies and deception ARE more fun, and ‘Cooking the Books’ and ‘Feeding that Beast’ is more interesting than the stick-in-the-mud truthful disclosure about the true falling-off-a-cliff membership decline, and how much the lifetime professional ministers are truly (over) compensated.

“Cooking the Books”, a euphemism for the drier term, misappropriation, and is what has to happen behind closed doors to allow NYYM continue to overpay salaries. And New York Yearly Meeting functions as an unequal hierarchy bending over backward to placate the the entitled elements in the office.

And ‘Cooking’, usually infers sumptuousness, however, in this case ’Cooking’ as ‘misappropriation’ and maybe even ‘fraud’ is simply the most DISGUSTING shape shift of the Quaker Faith and its core Integrity Testimony. But, don’t thee worry, Friend. We’ll somehow make misappropriation delectable and appealing, by feeling good about ourselves by giving out all those ‘free lunches’ to all our connected political pal Friends who have the same opinion we do. We can do this with a windswept clear conscience while we gaze out over Lake George from the gazebo with a gentle breeze blowing.

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