New York Yearly Meeting (NYYM) of the Religious Society of Friends (Quaker) has announced its theme for the 2012 Annual Sessions

The ART of Quakerism

Now that NYYM Quakers produce little of use to others - NEW YORK YEARLY MEETING Annual Sessions at the glorious resort Silver Bay on Lake George 2012 will prepare Friends for the goal of one day producing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING – and how to live off the tax rolls, send us back to the good old days of feudalism, and pine for handouts through patronage by the ruling class – THROUGH THE ARTS !

ARTS and worldly CULTURE are now somehow closely interlinked in Quakerism and we’ll delve deeply into what this means today. Quakers now utilize the Multi-Culturalism self-description, in trying to ‘diversify’ unity. And the culture war, of the 1960s already won amongst Friends, means anyone who isn’t down with big Yearly Meeting budgets, and subsequent patronage by the ruling class of Yearly Meeting and Friends School paid priests, and hollowed out Monthly Meetings, isn’t welcome.

Multi-Culturalism is, by-the-way, simply, code for Multi-Socialism. It’s OK to be a Quaker as long as you think like us and are one shade or another of Socialist. Just like we were once curious and open to other faiths and how they might strengthen our Quaker Faith, we’ve now been inclined to water down what was once a unique Christian faith, by bringing political philosophy into our inner world – we’ve now embraced all the Communist proponents - Maoists, Stalinists, Leninists, Marxists, and Trotskyites . You can be any kind of leftist as long as you are down with some variation of the central committee ruling top-down over those who can’t govern themselves from the grass roots – bottom up.

Quakers now inhabit the higher and higher education professions as professors – in the ivory towers of elitist academia, striving to be the same paid ministers that the founder of the Friends in the Truth, George Fox, railed against 350 years ago.

Now, ARTISTS are poised to take over as the ‘highest’ form of hipper worshipper in Friends Society while the membership of the current day Religious Society of Friends - tanks. Isn’t it more narcissistic to be a big fish in a small and dwindling pool of co-opted political activists which hypocritically invokes its righteousness solely from historic Quaker integrity?

Wouldn’t it be harder to manage a true and steady growth of truly convinced living Friends who live their decentralized faith in their daily lives without drawing a lot of attention to themselves?

Isn’t it more difficult to actually practice what you preach through producing something useful for others? (maybe that is the true meaning of ‘service’)

Various urban Monthly Meetings now have ARTS Committees and frequently meet, to talk and do nothing, and celebrate themselves while they waste our most precious resource - time. We now give thoughtfulness to idleness, and this year NYYM will insert yet another gimmick theme in its recent history of thinly-veiled vacation annual sessions.

NYYM Annual Sessions will be devoted to the story of how the weightiest NYYM Quakers are truly better than you, and because of that, are entitled to just be… and be useless. The Friends have taken refuge in the fantasy, produces-nothing world of The ARTS.

Trying haplessly to follow the real beatnik - the ‘gone cats’ of the 20th Century Beat Generation - the dying NYYM Friends of the 21st Century, shepherded by the 60s hippie generation elders, somehow don’t really ‘get’ the ‘gone’ – and have instead blasted off into the stratosphere, circling the hemisphere of left-wing politics in an endless quest for the lofty and never-reachable goals of ‘social justice’ and a free lunch.

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