Renaming of a Monthly Meeting – Housatonic Meeting becomes….

The Quakers:  The lights are on but nobody's home!

Since there are so many small Meetings (groups of Friends) within New York, North New Jersey and Southwestern Connecticut, the weighty Friends of Silver Bay, or the Politburo, have arbitrarily decided that the satellite groups that supposedly give a mandate to the statewide body, are really simply satellites in the manner of the former USSR, and take dictation top – down.

Following that faux-elitist philosophy - A Simple Faith, a Radical Witness – as in radical socialist political action fits in to how Monthly Meetings or the country local churches like Housatonic grow weaker and weaker and the urban meetings with the urbane and hyper literate trust fund ne’er do wells, the layabouts, and the malcontents, like in Brooklyn, New York, or churches especially the central hierarchy, called the statewide – Yearly Meeting, at 15 Rutherford Place, New York, New York and Silver Bay, New York - grow stronger and stronger.

The new name of Housatonic Meeting:

A Horse and a Dog Meeting

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