Three Yearly Meetings - 2008 Annual Sessions Costs

The Special Guest at NYYM Sessions

Dear Friend,

Has New York Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends learned anything? Is it frozen in its tracks, unable to react to evidence that it mismanages its members' resources of time, talent and money?

The cost of attending New York Yearly Meeting Annual Sessions has again increased. Again, 520 beds out of 650 at Silver Bay, the NYYM luxury site, geographically far away from most constituents, will be much more expensive than the costs to attend both New England and Baltimore Yearly Meetings. The average cost for an adult attending NYYM sessions is more than 20% higher than the two similar sized, similarly located Yearly Meetings. This percentage is calculated without considering the cost to arrive and stay a long amount of time.

NYYM Annual sessions are also held far away from major portion of the populous, some feel purposely to restrict wider participation in decision-making. Who can travel that far at $4.00 per gallon, ruin the environment and spend 7 days of time just to do Quaker business? Who could travel so many miles for less than 7 days? Who would want to even if they could afford to?

We see the physical evidence below compared with two growing Yearly Meetings which shows one important aspect of the costs to self govern - the cost to attend Annual Sessions. Silver Bay, a resort by Lake George in the Adirondacks, is continued for those in the NYYM hierarchy. It’s a chance for those special NYYM Friends to celebrate themselves while they avoid the obvious elephant on the beach - the money it costs to operate their central religious government. NYYM like many other non-profits, is mired in inurement - in the business maintaining its ivory tower status and high paying jobs. NYYM competes with the other Quaker mouthpiece / vacation planners like FGC, to maintain a reason to be, in its own little market niche, maintaining undefined no-show jobs and its insinuated authority. Most understand NYYM has no desire to be connected to its constituent local communities, its monthly meetings. Yes, Friends, this is the sign of a dying community, so insignificant and irrelevant, that a relied-upon ministers said recently in the press that her ‘community’ is not that of the Friends. I wonder if she’ll be staying in the most expensive housing this summer at almost $800 (per person double occupancy) for the week?

And the cost to attend the annual vacation is conveniently outside the operating budget of NYYM. Have Friends asked the questions of their yearly meeting regional ‘government’ that makes Friends Society special, a non-hierarchal religion? Have Friends found that tacitly approving Yearly Meeting budgets without the needed upwelling of mandate from the constituents, is simply easier, as the Society goes down the tubes? Have Friends considered a long-term fix for their financial woes, which will by the way add vitality to their religious lives? Not mostly, I think, they dance around it, and ignore it and hope that pesky elephant goes away.

Each year, the price for Silver Bay goes up, (see last year’s cost comparison) and one might wonder who at NYYM can’t fairly come by a price and a location and govern itself in less time to achieve the true essence of the Faith ? So don’t tarry, because the gravy train is pulling away shortly. Oh, yes, if you’re wondering, the same condescending air that elite private schools offer up as their claim to righteousness - ‘financial aid’ to this vacation is available.

Yours in Friendship,
Glenn R.

Three Yearly Meetings
2008 Annual Session Costs

per night / including meals

5 Nights
6 Nights
6 Nights


Additional Gratuity*
Average Registration Fee

* NYYM has an unpublished forced 5% gratuity upon registration

** NYYM range with number of rooms below

*** NEYM has only child on floor/camper rate

**** NYYM closest campgrounds are +10 miles away



Dbl. Occ.






The Inn





NYYM Avg. Cost / Adult


NYYM Total Capacity

80 out of 100 of all Adult NYYM attenders

will spendmore than NEYM and BaltYM attenders

100 out of 100 of all Youth NYYM attenders

will spend more than NEYM and BaltYM attenders



WELCOME Reverend Al Sharpton !

The Keynote Speaker at 2008 NYYM Annual Sessions

Our Annual Sessions Theme:

'Blessed Race equals Blessed Community'

What with the insistent and piquant theme of 'racism' in the March edition of NYYM’s Central House Organ - SPARK, the obvious choice is Al Sharpton as this year’s Keynote Speaker and guest of honor at Lake George in the Adiondacks. Attend and help us discuss why the 'politics of difference' displaces the previously held view of unity among Friends.

Hand-picked by NYYM’s elite, Sharpton will surely echo those NYYM Racism Working Group Friends (many of whom don’t personally know or live within 50 miles of an African-American) in calling for reparations for African-American Friends.

We will ask the questions:
The questions that will NOT be asked, of course will be:

Special: An Invitation-by-Deputation Only Workshop

Latest word is that the Rev. Al will enlighten us with his non-public secrets:

How to Organize the Finances of a Non-Profit Organization to Reflect the True Spirit of its Mission.
(Take heed all you NYYM finance people, there is a lot to be learned here).

See the latest news about Al Sharpton’s financial acumen

The Rev. Al has also indicated he might facilitate a 5 am Boathouse meditation on why his majority ownership stake in a paycheck loan company is OK, since he is African-American. Come and sit in a rocking chair and wonder at this paradox.

Accommodations and Meals at this year’s Silver Bay

The Rev. Al and his entourage will take over the full North Wing of the air-conditioned Inn and will also have exclusive access to the South side of the fabled Silver Bay Dining Hall. So, DON’T EVEN THINK of entering at the south dining hall door unless invited to do so. Forget about the cost of this year’s annual sessions – the National Action Network, the Al Sharpton-led non-profit, with generous support from many large U.S. corporations which support the NAN, will cover all the costs.

So – come one, come all* and get hip with our elders of the hippie generation, as to why NYYM Friends are NOT being blackmailed by angry activists.

Any questions? Contact buzzybee@nyym.net

*Any Friends who feel that hard work. personal responsibility and honor in personal achievement as vitally important or possibly the only true means for African-Americans to respect themselves and gain equality with all Americans, are simply not invited to this year’s Silver Bay sessions.

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