A Photograph of NYYM Annual Sessions

83 people at a 2004* NYYM business session
(while the other 600 are outside enjoying the luxury destination)

(Click on Image to Enlarge)

Questions (not rhetorical):
More Important Questions NYYM Friends might ask their 'leaders'

1. Why is the NYYM Advancement Committee again using its $12,000 budget to give scholarships to the vacation at Annual Sessions, when it pledged to
take this gravy train out of service
and use those funds to help Monthly Meetings grow?

2. Why are these tired 83 people - the 'Yearly Meeting Friends' - the perennial core group of attenders at the nice destination - allowed to make decisions for the published number of 3,500 NYYM Friends,
concerning key proposals which affect the further

drawing up of resources out of the Monthly Meetings
into the centralized NYYM government?

3. Isn't the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP), featured in the latest NYYM newsletter, evolved into something different than its Quaker founder, Larry Apsey, envisoned? Isn't AVP now an 'Alternatives to Conflict' mechanism which is how NYYM truly deals with conflict, by avoiding it and denying it?

A Simple Answer to all three questions is:

have stopped being honest

NYYM has stopped living within the physical and spiritual means of their declining membership. New York constituents can no longer honestly oversee the wider body and its paid employees.

* 2004 Annual Session was the first year of the three year probationary term of General Secretary, and who was in attendance that year. The above photograph was of the 'Witness Section' annual business session. The 'General Services Section' business session where less 'sexy' but critical internal decisions are made included many fewer people than in this photograph.

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