New York Yearly Meeting (NYYM) of the Religious Society of Friends (Quaker) has announced its theme for the 2012 Annual Sessions

The ART of Quakerism

Now that NYYM Quakers produce little of use to others - NEW YORK YEARLY MEETING Annual Sessions at the glorious resort Silver Bay on Lake George 2012 will prepare Friends for the goal of one day producing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING – and how to live off the tax rolls, send us back to the good old days of feudalism, and pine for handouts through patronage by the ruling class – THROUGH THE ARTS !

ARTS and worldly CULTURE are now somehow closely interlinked in Quakerism and we’ll delve deeply into what this means today. Quakers now utilize the Multi-Culturalism self-description, in trying to ‘diversify’ unity. And the culture war, of the 1960s already won amongst Friends, means anyone who isn’t down with big Yearly Meeting budgets, and subsequent patronage by the ruling class of Yearly Meeting and Friends School paid priests, and hollowed out Monthly Meetings, isn’t welcome.

Multi-Culturalism is, by-the-way, simply, code for Multi-Socialism. It’s OK to be a Quaker as long as you think like us and are one shade or another of Socialist. Just like we were once curious and open to other faiths and how they might strengthen our Quaker Faith, we’ve now been inclined to water down what was once a unique Christian faith, by bringing political philosophy into our inner world – we’ve now embraced all the Communist proponents - Maoists, Stalinists, Leninists, Marxists, and Trotskyites . You can be any kind of leftist as long as you are down with some variation of the central committee ruling top-down over those who can’t govern themselves from the grass roots – bottom up.

Quakers now inhabit the higher and higher education professions as professors – in the ivory towers of elitist academia, striving to be the same paid ministers that the founder of the Friends in the Truth, George Fox, railed against 350 years ago.

Now, ARTISTS are poised to take over as the ‘highest’ form of hipper worshipper in Friends Society while the membership of the current day Religious Society of Friends - tanks. Isn’t it more narcissistic to be a big fish in a small and dwindling pool of co-opted political activists which hypocritically invokes its righteousness solely from historic Quaker integrity?

Wouldn’t it be harder to manage a true and steady growth of truly convinced living Friends who live their decentralized faith in their daily lives without drawing a lot of attention to themselves?

Isn’t it more difficult to actually practice what you preach through producing something useful for others? (maybe that is the true meaning of ‘service’)

Various urban Monthly Meetings now have ARTS Committees and frequently meet, to talk and do nothing, and celebrate themselves while they waste our most precious resource - time. We now give thoughtfulness to idleness, and this year NYYM will insert yet another gimmick theme in its recent history of thinly-veiled vacation annual sessions.

NYYM Annual Sessions will be devoted to the story of how the weightiest NYYM Quakers are truly better than you, and because of that, are entitled to just be… and be useless. The Friends have taken refuge in the fantasy, produces-nothing world of The ARTS.

Trying haplessly to follow the real beatnik - the ‘gone cats’ of the 20th Century Beat Generation - the dying NYYM Friends of the 21st Century, shepherded by the 60s hippie generation elders, somehow don’t really ‘get’ the ‘gone’ – and have instead blasted off into the stratosphere, circling the hemisphere of left-wing politics in an endless quest for the lofty and never-reachable goals of ‘social justice’ and a free lunch.



hosted by the Financial Services Committee

Part 1


Part 2

The ART OF FEEDING (The Beast)

After a hard day of wringing our hands over how to fund what Friends will always approve but will never pay for, the frustrated Financial Services Committee will discuss how to relieve their stress in The Art of Cooking: The Books.

Because without cooking the books, we can’t practice The Art of Feeding the Beast.

We’ll discuss how to divert discussion at all levels local and statewide, and hijack the moral high ground by calling never-ending, increasing spending on a larger and larger central Quaker government - the only true compassionate option. Because excessive spending equals excessive compassion – no?

What is important, Friends, is that we can affect connoisseurship of The ARTS and every other thing in our ambient surroundings, except what is actually at the heart of us.

We know that big budgets, fibs and deception, programs that don’t work, and waste and theft, create a more interesting world. It creates a world celebrating a few rock star paid ministers, instead of a Friends Society where no one is looking to be celebrated. The left wing lifestyle keeps us on our toes, always guessing at which committee we should be on to bring the most resources and recognition to ourselves. What is, and what isn’t true doesn’t really matter anymore. Truth is kind of like producing something useful and meaningful - lies and deception inversely produce nothing useful. No?

Lies and deception ARE more fun, and ‘Cooking the Books’ and ‘Feeding that Beast’ is more interesting than the stick-in-the-mud truthful disclosure about the true falling-off-a-cliff membership decline, and how much the lifetime professional ministers are truly (over) compensated.

“Cooking the Books”, a euphemism for the drier term, misappropriation, and is what has to happen behind closed doors to allow NYYM continue to overpay salaries. And New York Yearly Meeting functions as an unequal hierarchy bending over backward to placate the the entitled elements in the office.

And ‘Cooking’, usually infers sumptuousness, however, in this case ’Cooking’ as ‘misappropriation’ and maybe even ‘fraud’ is simply the most DISGUSTING shape shift of the Quaker Faith and its core Integrity Testimony. But, don’t thee worry, Friend. We’ll somehow make misappropriation delectable and appealing, by feeling good about ourselves by giving out all those ‘free lunches’ to all our connected political pal Friends who have the same opinion we do. We can do this with a windswept clear conscience while we gaze out over Lake George from the gazebo with a gentle breeze blowing.



Mostly, modern Quakers are familiar with making music by banging on drums at protest marches.

Let’s all face it – if the U.S. government didn’t listen to France, Russia and China before it invaded Iraq in 2003, it sure as sugar wasn’t listening to trust-afarian perennial-student-adult -children with dreadlocks banging on their friends’ bongo drums.

This summer 2012, New York Yearly Meeting will convene - in a sort of deputation into the Quaker pantheon of the highest of high Quaker paid priests - an executive select committee to transform our Society once and for all as it considers the re-writing of the lyrics of a most famous hymn.

Quakers as many know, invite politics into religion to produce a dying, mono-cultural and irrelevant faith – co-opted by United for Peace and Justice and MoveOn.org. The founding fathers tried to protect against such intrusion in their constitutional separation of Church and State.

But when the Church tries to influence the State, the State tends to do the same back to the Church, doesn’t it? It’s not a one-way street. Church denominations identifying with the Religious Right and the Moral Majority kicked out any moderates it had in the 1990s, making themselves less diverse and more mono-cultural, Quakers of the 2000’s have done the same kicking out anyone who doesn’t fit the correct (leftist) political persuasion.

That is why Friends who feel diversifying skin color amongst its ranks is REAL diversity. Hmm….

How much diversity in experience and in opinion exists in modern Quaker Society? What if we invited people of diverse experience and opinion into Friends Society no matter what color their skin was?

NYYM Committee for Political Correctness to introduce

NEW approved lyrics for :

Lord I Want To Be A Christian

Now Changed to:

Lord I Want To Be A Leftist:

Lord, I want to be a Leftist in my heart, in my heart,
Lord, I want to be a Leftist in my heart, in my heart.
In my heart, in my heart,
Lord, I want to be a Leftist in my heart, in my heart.

Lord, I want to be Elitist in my heart, in my heart,
Lord, I want to be Elitist in my heart, in my heart.
In my heart, in my heart,
Lord, I want to be Elitist in my heart, in my heart.

Lord, I want to go to protests in my heart, in my heart,
Lord, I want to go to protests in my heart, in my heart.
In my heart, in my heart,
Lord, I want go to protests in my heart, in my heart.

Lord, I want to be like Joseph in my heart, in my heart,
Lord, I want to be like Stalin in my heart, in my heart.
In my heart, in my heart,
Lord, I want to be Joe Stalin in my heart, in my heart.



Acting ( Posing )

Quakers were historically ‘the real deal’ stoic and unconcerned with personal vanity, appearances, and otherwise affected posturing. The public used to be impressed with the Friends, noting how hard it must be to live up to one’s morals every day. Friends were impressive in a sort of honest way striving for excellence but at the same time never trying to call attention to themselves or make themselves look better than they actually were.

Now that Quakers don’t really produce anything of use – the ultimate expression of this do-nothingness is to be an actor, a poseur (hence a professional or unpaid fake).

Ever wonder why actors almost always (with the exception of one, I can’t remember his name) are left-wingers? Because they’re drunk with the superstar power they have over other people when they’re faking, they want even more to have power over people when they’re not. But they’re such great artists, skilled actors - who knows when they’re faking and when they’re not?

And why care what a professional faker thinks? The trouble is, now that Quakers now embrace THE ARTS, specifically the profession that celebrates the personal vanity and overpaid celebrity of those actors we all love, is that most modern-day Friends are the ultimate Quaker-fakers. They’re the posers – the faky flaky Quakers. They’re celebrity wanna-bees, who want to be important in a dwindling Society – as an escape from their otherwise failed lives.



New York, North New Jersey and Southwest Connecticut Quakers are famous for welshing on their NYYM financial contributions, and why shouldn’t the wealthy ‘someone else’ pay for something Friends approve?

Like our Friend, Samuel Caldwell, the former General Secretary, said of his own Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, in his famous call to Quaker arms five years ago:

“PYM (very similar to NYYM) is where the pursuit of the free lunch is developed to a high ART”.

Like the ubiquitous Quaker perennial students and adult children, the starving artists are perennially on the cusp of ‘happening’ and making it big, if only they would first forget about that search for the elusive free lunch, and grow up. But growing up would mean they would have to get over the widely approved boo-hoo style victim spirituality, get lives and actually be able to handle success or get decent paying jobs outside of the not-for-profit industrial complex, and produce something others can actually use.

Of course, a well-paying job that takes up too much time would limit how much influence various life-failed Quakers would have in ruling the disappearing Quaker world. (See The FAILED ARTISTS as demagogues)

So, NYYM will transport Quaker STARVING ARTISTS from their dreary digs at the NJ Turnpike Ramada, straight to the Quaker luxury vacation at The Inn at Silver Bay, Lake George.

Quaker STARVING ARTISTS, led by the General Secretary, and C.I.O. (Career is over) Christo, will hang painting after painting on clotheslines strung down to the shore at Lake George a la ‘The Gates’ of February 2007 in Central Park, New York City. The ‘Gates’ of Silver Bay will lead the STARVING ARTISTS viewer straight down to the short pier where NYYM Friends can gently keep right on going into the drink with their pensive and time-wasting, long walks.

Since NYYM annual sessions is thinly veiled or purely naked vacation - NYYM members rarely go to business sessions, Friends expect a large turnout for taking that long walk on a short pier at STARVING ARTISTS Silver Bay.



I Love New York.

But I don’t love Bullshit.

There is an ART to spreading bullshit.

NYYM Quakers will learn how to make it palatable.

Bullshit should not just be thrown on the canvas a la Jackson Pollack. It has to be carefully constructed to create a beautiful consonant picture of what the followers would like to hear. The biggest bullshit artists are the lifetime paid priests in our Quaker institutions.

Take the AFSC, take the Yearly Meetings, take the Quaker schools – take them, please.

The bullshit artists are the professional politicians, priests or ministers who can’t or won’t do anything else to make a living.

Quakerism as a do-it-yourself religion is gone, Friends. Or is it? The Friends have become one more hierarchal elite and body, masters and servants, amongst the many other (larger and more effective) hierarchal religious denominations.

We’ll look for you at NYYM Annual Sessions 2012: bring your bathing suits and flip flops, and a general surrender to understand THE ART of QUAKERISM ‘cause most of us won’t be in the business meetings and difficult committees dealing with good governance and how to pay our Church taxes.

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