Keynote Speaker – 2012 New York Yearly Meeting Annual Sessions

April 1, 2012
John Bolton – Former United States Diplomat to the United Nations

“You Quakers watch out or you’ll turn into a bunch of irrelevant left-elite parlor fakes.”

“Why don’t you dwindling bunch of Quakers focus on your own internal issues instead of on ambient concerns with which you have no business?”

Don’t fiery conservatives ask the darnedest questions?

Just as the astute workingman philosopher Eric Hoffer observed - when some one or group can’t mind their own business - they mind others’.

In keeping with that theme, the NYYM Summer 2012 Annual Sessions is when we’ll discuss what ARTISTS and Parlor Fakes have in common in the topic- Quakers and THE ARTS.

And we’re inviting a famous leader - John Bolton - fiery and conservative - to wake us up to this sad State of the Society. 

The well-known Friend, John Punshon once said, “The Friends were once a sustaining class but are now a sustained class”. Just like the ARTISTS of days of yore, they were sustained and patronized by the royal elite.  (And guess what, now they’re patronized by the same affluent elite, if not also by the government elite)

Friends who attend 2012 Annual Sessions might just come to the sad conclusion that QUAKERS and THE ARTS, perfectly describes the self-evident state of affairs of a sustained society of parlor fakes.

In the late 20th Century, New York Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends drove out true and honest Friends and now strives to become an amalgam of failed artists, pining for handouts from the wealthy benefactors or state agencies within the overweight and unresponsive government. 

Quakers are now proudly the doodlers, the scribblers, the perennial students, the malcontents, the lay-abouts, the ne’re-do-wells, not-for-profit elitists, and the vain modern-day salon communists. But now Friends are planning a turnaround in membership decline – by inviting humble people of all opinions into their midst - no matter what color their skin - nor if they have to sweat for a living. 

We’ll consider alternatives to our modern reliance on overpaid, lifetime ministers who have been under the impression for years – that they’re better than you.  You may ask yourself:   

Why on earth does the world need another hypocritical hierarchal organized religion in freefall membership decline? 

It’s an open secret the Quakers only want you (to join in the tanking membership) if you are employed in some sort of cloistered ‘higher’ educational or ‘artist’ career, preferably by a college - any will do - or even better, by some haughty Friends School. 

So we’ll dedicate our full week of worship and activities this coming summer to that of ‘Quakers and THE ARTS’.

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